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AEW Dynamite Results (2/23/22)

Tonight on AEW Dynamite, there is a tag team battle royal and the winners advance to Revolution. Plus Bryan Danielson faces Daniel Garcia in singles action.


February 23, 2022, Hartford, CT

Commentary: Jim Ross, Excalibur & Tony Schiavone


Tag Team Battle Royale

Ten teams start off the fight. Butcher and Blade attack Trent Berretta on the outside. Blade eliminates Alex Reynolds. Silver eliminates Blade. Ortiz tosses Austin Gunn. Colten gets tossed by Santana too.


2point0 attack Santana. Best Friends eliminate Butcher.


RedDragon eliminate Chuck Taylor. Quen gets tossed and Matt Hardy saves Isiah Kassidy from elimination but he gets booted and Matt walks away.


Santana tosses both 2point0.


FTR eliminates Nick Jackson. Orange Cassidy saves Trent from being eliminated by sliding from underneath the ring. Beretta gets back in and clotheslines Bobby Fish out. After a commerical break, John Silver slips out of Tully Blanchard’s grasp to eliminate Cash Wheeler. All six teams  still in contention have one man represented. Santana takes on Trent calling back to their parking lot brawl. They fight on the apron and it gets them eliminated by Matt Jackson and KOR.



Dax and KOR fight on the apron as well and it’s Bobby Fish who runs in to trip him off and eliminate FTR.


Matt and KOR gang up on Silver after Johnny delivers a flurry of offense. Matt goes to toss out John but as he does KOR tosses both of them.




Post match, Hangman Page comes out to attack RD and the Young Bucks stand by to not get involved. Out comes Adam Cole to attack Hangman. It ultimately ends with Page hitting a Buckshot on KOR.

Hangman cuts a promo on Cole (“Story time with Adam Page BAY BAY”) in advance of their match at Revolution.

We cut to Schiavone with Bryan Danielson. He is looking forward to facing Daniel Garcia, but questions his pairing with 2point0. He also says he’ll have an answer for Jon Moxley tonight too.

Out comes MJF who looks shook. He says that when he met Punk when he was younger he had a lot of learning disabilites and tries pleading his sympathy to the audience. They ain’t buying. He talks about being 11 and a Jewish kid playing football. Then he talked about being bullied with rolls of quarters and being called “Jew boy” and going home to cry, but he knew that day he was going to meet CM Punk. He was going to pattern himself after Punk. Now in 2013, he’s getting recruited for football, but all he wants to do is become a pro wrestler. He’s cutting promos in the mirror. In January 2014, Punk left him. He left all of us. Therefore Max went to college and gave up his dreams. He talks about seeing a photo of CM Punk shaking hands with Bryan Danielson. He packed his days and left college that day. He made a promise that he was going to be the best in spite of CM Punk. He calls Punk a gutless coward. He won’t quit at  Revolution because then he’d be no better than Punk because he’s better than him and he knows it.

Out comes CM Punk. He gets in the ring and MJF leaves.

2point0 are fired up that Danielson insulted them. Garcia notes he’s ready.


House Of Black vs. PAC & Penta Oscuro

Penta comes out with a new look and name. They fight it out. Bell soon rings after an outside brawl and PAC hits a 450 on Malakai. Near fall. The fight goes to pic-in-pic.

Back from it, Brody King shows his strength and power. Meteroa to PAC and then a German suplex from Malakai causes Penta to make a save. The faces work on Brody King after Black makes a blind tag. Black comes in to mist Penta, but Penta forces him to swallow it. He rolls Black up and gets the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: PAC & Penta Oscuro

The House Of Black take out PAC and then Black grabs the shovel Penta brought to the ring. Black goes to take Penta out, but the lights go out. They come back on and there’s Buddy Matthews.  Black is shocked, but Buddy actually attacks PAC. Black soon lays a chair down and Buddy is prompted to stomp Penta’s face on the steel. The lights go out and the House Of Black vanish.

Out comes Eddie Kingston then comes Jericho. Security is in the ring.  Jericho says they should handle this like men and not street thugs. Eddie says Jericho doesn’t even know what a street thug is. Eddie says that they’re a stone’s throw away from Stamford, but this isn’t sports entertainment.  Jericho says what they’re going to do is better sports entertainment than what is done in Stamford. He recounts Eddie’s journey and Jericho admits he didn’t know who Eddie was, but once he saw him he knew he was good. He finally made it big time…at 38 years old. Jericho however didn’t give a shit about his story and he didn’t give a shit about him. Eddie made it big at 38, Jericho made it at 22. He’s jealous of Jericho. Is he right? Eddie says he’s not a carny. All Jericho is doing is sucking the blood out of him and Eddie’s not here for that. He wants to fight. How about him vs. Jericho at the PPV? Jericho has a question for Eddie: he has acheivaphobia, a fear of success. If Eddie reached the mountain top, he’d fall right off. Jericho did his research: he knows that his uncle was a failure, his father was a failure and Eddie will be a failure too. Jericho accepts the match. If Eddie somehow does manage to beat Jericho, he’ll look Eddie in the eye and tell him he’s earned his respect. Eddie says he wants the Chris Jericho of old (WCW, AEW Champion, the one Levesque hated) cause if he doesn’t, he’ll eat him alive. Jericho says he will give it to him and when he does, Eddie will indeed realize he’s a failure.

Matt Hardy is in the stairwell with the AFHO. He says he is confident that Andrade will win the TNT Title at Ramapge. Hardy wants a tornado trios tag match at Revolution.


Face Of Revolution Qualifying Match

Ricky Starks (with Powerhouse Hobbs) vs. 10

Ricky and 10 go back and forth and Starks attempts a leaping tornado DDT, but 10 catches him and hoists him up for a stalling suplex. We head to pic-in-pic. Back from it, 10 levels Starks out of the ring. 10 gets Starks in a full nelson. Ricky escapes but only to be hit with a discus clothesline. 10 goes for another full nelson, but Ricky pulls at his mask. He spears 10 and gets the three count.

WINNER: Ricky Starks

ReDragon bicker with the Bucks and Cole makes it clear to them he wants them to get along with Matt and Nick.


TBS Women’s Championship

The Bunny vs. Jade Cargill (c)

Bunny and Jade lock it up and Bunny brings her to the corner, but Jade boots her off. Jade works the arm of Bunny until Bunny gets Jade on the apron and elbows Jade off. Bunny hits a leg sweep into the barricade and we head to break.

Back from break, Bunny rakes the eyes of Jade. Jade hits a spinebuster. Matt Hardy tosses brass knuckles to Bunny. Sterling tosses the title to Jade.  Jade blocks the knucks with the belt. Both Matt Hardy and Sterling get ejected. Jade soon hits her Widow’s Peak finisher for the 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL TBS Champion: Jade Cargill

Jade gets on the mic to talk up her record before asking who’s next? Better yet, who’s left? Out comes Tay Conti for a confrontation. Bunny tries to attack Tay but gets Tay-KO’ed. Jade pump kicks the heck outta Conti. Anna Jay runs down with a chair but Jade casually walks off.

Alex Marvez is backstage with Keith Lee who is about to talk up his Face of Revolution Ladder Match. He notes that he and someone like Ricky Starks has a history and speak of the devil, in comes Starks. He says history doesn’t matter in AEW, it’s what you do in AEW. Lee and Hobbs has a staredown and Starks says they should save it for Revolution.


Daniel Garcia vs. Bryan Danielson

Danielson hits Garcia harshly with European uppercuts. Ankle pick by Danielson lead to stiff shots to Garcia before hitting a butterfly suplex. Garcia gets wrestled into a LaBell Lock, but Garcia gets to the ropes. Bryan boots Garcia and Garcia fights back. He manages to hit a chop block to Bryan and we go to picture-in-picture.

Back from it, Garcia hits a second dragon screw leg whip. He tries to suplex Bryan back into the ring from the aprong but Danielson downs him to the outside for a diving knee strike to the head. Danielson hits a shotgun dropkick from up top. Danielson kicks the thigh of Garcia. Both men have one another in leg locks. They both fire off at one another. Back on their feet Danielson hits a Tiger Suplex and then a Cattle Mutilation. Garcia gets free and locks in an ankle lock. Garcia stomps on Bryan’s head, but Daniels grounds Garcia for a pin attempt. They have interlocked hands and the two fighters elbow it out. Hard strikes continue. Danielson stomps away on Garcia for a triangle sleeper. Bryan flexes in victory as Garcia submits.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

Bryan gets on the mic to say to Garcia that’s exactly what he wanted to see. Was Garcia violent enough? Suddely, 2point0 attack Danielson. Moxley’s music hits a s he fights 2point0 off and rids them both of the ring. Garcia goes to smack Mox with a chair but Mox catches him with a Paradigm Shift. Danielson has the chair as the two men stare at one another. Bryan grabs the mic again with chair in hand and waits for “This is awesome” chants to die down. He says he doesn’t need a chair to make anybody bleed. You want a match at Revolution? You got it, but don’t be surprised if you’re the only person bleeding. The show ends with the two fighters standing nose-to-nose.