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GCW Welcome To Heartbreak Results (2/25/22): Matt Cardona, X-Pac And More

Game Changer Wrestling returned to Los Angeles with a buzzworthy show on February 25.

“Welcome to Heartbreak” was headlined by WWE Hall of Famer Sean “X-Pac” Waltman’s first match since 2019; he teamed up with Joey Janela to face The Major Players (Matt Cardona and Brian Myers.) Plus, The Briscoes, AJ Gray, Blake Christian, and Homicide, among other stars, competed on the show.

The results are as follows:

The Briscoes vs. Juicy Finau and Jacob Fatu

Fatu overpowers Mark Briscoe early on. Jay makes a blind tag, and the fight briefly spills to the outside. Finau slams Mark onto a chair. Fatu and Finau crush Jay with a moonsault and a splash, respectively. The Briscoes rally, and Mark dives onto Finau outside the ring. Jay goes crashing through a door, and the big men squash Mark with more splashes. Fatu takes flight and dives onto Mark on the outside.

Bodies are flying, as Fatu again takes Mark down with a dive onto the floor. The big men confront the injured Starboy Charlie in the crowd; he hits them with a crutch and dives onto them. Starboy’s interference briefly helps the Briscoes gain the upper hand.

Back in the ring, Mark and Jay both eat superkicks from Fatu. Jay bashes Finau with a door, and a Froggy Bow from Mark clinches the win for the brothers.

Winners: The Briscoes

After the match, The Briscoes challenge the H8 Club to a rematch for the GCW World Tag Team Championship in Dallas, the site of The Collective.

Blake Christian vs. Nick Wayne

Christian and Wayne feel each other out early on, and both men struggle to gain the advantage. They’re evenly matched, and the pace picks up as Christian drops Wayne with a shoulder block. They trade counters, and the match remains a stalemate. Wayne hits a headscissors, a dropkick, and a dive to the outside. Christian fires up with a few strikes and a dropkick of his own. A half-and-half suplex dumps Wayne on his head. Christian blasts Wayne with a kick to the back and another to the head.

Wayne rallies with a flurry of offense and gets a two count with a Blue Thunder powerbomb. Christian takes control again with a sunset flip powerbomb and a knee to the head. The two competitors trade blows and a series of moves before a spinning superplex from Christian leaves both men down. Wayne catches Christian with a destroyer and gets a two count with a fisherman suplex. A Swanton Bomb earns Wayne a near fall. Wayne kicks out of a Spanish Fly and a springboard 450 Splash. Christian drops Wayne with a Tombstone on the apron.

Perhaps out of frustration Christian brings a door and some chairs into the ring. Wayne turns the tables and gets a two count with a diving cutter through the door. In the end, after a series of counters, Christian gets the win with a modified DDT.

Winner: Blake Christian

Wayne and Christian shake hands after the bout.

Tony Deppen vs. Kevin Blackwood

Deppen and Blackwood feel each other out with technical holds. They trade counters, and like the previous bout, this contest is a stalemate in the opening minutes. Blackwood dumps Deppen on his head with a suplex. Deppen plants Blackwood face-first on the mat and grounds him. Deppen moons the camera and gouges Blackwood’s eyes. Blackwood hits a standing double stomp and floors Deppen with a series of German suplexes. A Death Valley Bomb earns Blackwood a two count. Deppen hits a TKO onto his knee and suplexes Blackwood. The two men trade blows, and Deppen drills Blackwood with a knee to the head.

Blackwood counters a diving double stomp and locks in a modified Sharpshooter. He plants Deppen with a Gotch-style piledriver for a two count. Deppen blasts Blackwood with a knee to the head and locks in the Cattle Mutilation for the submission victory,

Winner: Tony Deppen

Blackwood gets in Deppen’s face after the match, and Deppen storms away.

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