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Latest Wrestling Action Figure Reveals And More (Photos)

While main line wrestling action figure reveals have been a bit quiet lately there still have been many other wrestling action figure reveals!

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Chella Toys Wrestling Figures

Chella Toys has been on a roll lately with collectors as they continue to reveal new figures for pre-order and coming down the pipeline!

Such figures include:

  • Radioactive Adam Bomb
  • Dynamite Kid with a mustache
  • Gangrel
  • Sabu

John Cena Peacemaker Hot Toys Action Figure

John Cena has a premium Hot Toys action figure coming of his Peacemaker character!

Bret Hart Micro Brawler

There is a week-long pre-order for Bret Hart’s new Micro Brawler figure from Pro Wrestling Tees! If you want him be sure to order in the timeframe.

Target Exclusive Becky Lynch Funko POP:

If you missed the pre-order announcement you can still grab online or may even be able to find Becky in your local Target store(s). This is an exclusive POP of Becky you can only get at Target as part of their latest Target Con.

Heels and Faces King Kong Bundy:

Zombie Sailor Toys recently revealed the carding for their upcoming King Kong Bundy action figure!

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