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Jeff Jarrett: Love Or Hate Him, Matt Cardona Resonates Emotionally; There’s No Grey Area

Jeff Jarrett knows that emotion is at the heart of the professional wrestling business, and there’s no “grey area” when it comes to Matt Cardona getting a reaction.

Jeff Jarrett was a guest on Busted Open Radio and spoke about how performers need to be able to connect on an emotional level with fans. Co-host Tommy Dreamer mentioned that the current NWA evolved, but it’s still a throwback in many ways to wrestling’s roots. He then compared it to how baseball is still baseball despite the game changing, players earning more, and over advancements over the years.

Jarrett then spoke about wrestlers performing to the best of their abilities and how the fanbase wanting to form a connection will always be there. He cited himself, Dreamer and Cardona as guys that were able to figure out how to do it, noting that no matter how the business changes, the emotional aspect will never go away.

“Modern-day wrestling today is something — I did a signing up in Batavia [New York], outside of Buffalo. I go to the Big Event this Saturday, but I’ll have folks come up in lines and they’ll say, ‘Hey, what do you like or dislike?’ Or ‘What needs to happen…’ and I just love wrestling talk. I was a fan long before I was a wrestler or a promoter. And I said the very base of the industry is never going anywhere.

“It’s human emotion, you’ve got to connect with that audience and it doesn’t matter what brand is on there. I don’t care if it’s Monday, Wednesday or Friday nights, if the talent doesn’t walk through the curtain and they’re not connecting emotionally — and to circle back to [Matt] Cardona, he resonates emotionally. Love him or hate him, there’s no grey matter with that guy. So I think that’s something that [is in] the very basics of the business. Tommy Dreamer connected emotionally, Jeff Jarrett connected emotionally, it’s just the art of the industry.”

Jarrett will be the special guest referee when Matt Cardona defends the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Nick Aldis on night two of the 2022 NWA Crockett Cup on March 20.

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