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Tony Khan Says Orange Cassidy Continues To Deliver, He Is ‘Very Complementary’ To Danhausen

Tony Khan says it’s like apples and orange…hausens.

Earlier this week, Tony Khan appeared on Busted Open Radio and was asked if anyone in the company has come in and greatly exceeded his expectations. Khan took some time to put over Orange Cassidy and referred to signing him as a “net-positive,” explaining that everyone might not “get him” but multiple statistics prove he was a big asset.

During his AEW Revolution media call, Khan was asked by WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about the “net-positive” remark and if that was a metric he could use on a larger scale. Naming Danhausen as another performer that might be seen in the same way as a success that everyone might not “get”, Khan was quick to note that they are still vastly different performers. Khan added that they’re alike in the fact that they have a huge following, but still feels like they aren’t completely in the same category.

“They both have a lot of fans, a lot of kids that love both of them, a lot of young audience that responds really positively to them. And I think that’s why there is some appeal, that’s why I think they’re good together. But I also think that there’s just a lot of differences. And so that’s why I think it’s a good fit because they compliment each other very well, and Orange Cassidy, no matter what anybody thinks of him, has had a lot of matches that have done really big TV ratings and has delivered in big match after big match after big match.

“And Danhausen is somebody who’s got a huge audience already, before he came to AEW, a lot of people really like him. And so comparing the two of them I think is apples and oranges. But if you’re asking if I’m using that kind of net positive as a good barometer for how I think somebody can affect the company, yeah that’s a great question, absolutely. And it’s a ever-changing barometer.”

Khan continued, explaining that Orange Cassidy continues to get the platform he does because he continues to outperform his expectations. He said that Danhausen is very charismatic and pairing them makes sense, but it’s because they are complementary rather than too similar.

“One of the reasons that I’ve given him as much of a platform and as much TV time and big matches as I have, obviously he brings an audience, which is the most important thing. And he consistently delivers numbers for us,” Khan said. “But also I really care about wrestling and good wrestling, and even if you don’t like his tactics or his psychology, he can go.

“And he’s a gifted athlete and a very gifted wrestler when he wants to try, so to speak, and that is kind of some of the stuff I was saying about him. so I think Danhausen is such a charismatic person and to have the two of them out there together clearly, the fans really respond to it, so that’s why I think they’re such a good pair. Because I think they have a lot of similarities and some big differences too that make them very complementary.”

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