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8Bit Slammers Allowing Collectors To Redeem NFTs For Wrestling Event Tickets

8Bit Slammers Slammers NFTs can now be exchanged for tickets to pro wrestling events.

8Bit Slammers has announced that collectors of its NFTs can exchange them for tickets to a select number of professional wrestling events across the United States and Canada.

From 8Bit:

LOS ANGELES, CA — 8Bit Slammers announced today that effective immediately, collectors of their NFTs will be able to redeem those NFTs for tickets to pro wrestling events across the United States and Canada.

Upon the launch of this groundbreaking feature, collectors will have the opportunity every month to choose from tickets to Chaotic Wrestling (New England), Warrior Wrestling (Midwest), ExpoLucha (Philadelphia), VWE (Southern California) and  WrestleCore (Vancouver, BC, Canada); and in consideration of fans who may not live near these first partner promotions, they can also choose a month’s subscription to IWTV.

“I’ve loved professional wrestling my entire life and when it’s good, it’s the best thing on the planet.” said Taylor Armstrong, 8Bit Slammers creator, and animator of the project. “Similarly, I sincerely believe in the potential for NFTs both as a new creative medium and in their ability to bring unique utility to artists and collectors alike. As much as I stand behind the art of my project, I’m also dedicated to bringing as much tangible value to my community as possible; and providing wrestling fans with access to wrestling events was a no-brainer for me. There’s more wrestling NFT projects popping up each month and I’m excited to lead the charge on real-world asset redemption; and we’re only just getting started!”

In functionality, this first tier of in-real-life opportunities comes from collecting and “blending” one of each of the Series One set’s three Common NFTs, for a resulting “Forbidden Door” NFT, which is then sent to 8Bit Slammers with a memo of which show the user would like to attend, a contact name and email address. Each redemption is for one non-transferable General Admission ticket, to be held at the door of the requested event; or in the event of choosing IWTV, subscription credentials will be sent to the user’s provided email address.

8Bit Slammers Series One packs are available at 8BitSlammers.com, and individual assets are currently available on the secondary markets AtomicHub.io and NeftyBlocks.com.

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