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Al Snow Joins ‘Wrestling Metaverse’ Video Game

Al Snow continues to stay busy outside of the ring.

Former WWE star Al Snow has been announced for the upcoming ‘Wrestling Metaverse’ video game.

Wrestling Metaverse issued the following press release announcing Snow’s involvement in the game:

It was recently revealed that professional wrestling Superstar Al Snow will be appearing in the upcoming wrestling video game, Wrestling Metaverse. The announcement was made via Wrestling Metaverse’s official Twitter profile and on their Discord server.

A globally-recognized star, Al Snow has worked with the top wrestling promotions on the planet in various capacities throughout his illustrious career, including ECW, TNA and WWE. A major star of the “Attitude Era,” Snow captivated wrestling fans around the world thanks to his hard-hitting style and psychologically-questionable persona, encapsulated by the creation of “Head” – the character element which would launch Snow’s career to new heights. Today, Snow is in charge of day-to-day operations for Ohio Valley Wrestling and owns several prominent Wrestling Schools, helping the Superstars of tomorrow perfect their craft.

Speaking on the announcement, Snow reaffirmed his commitment to his beloved fans:

“I am very excited, flattered and honoured to be a part of the upcoming new metaverse video game. As always, my hope is to continue to bring entertainment and enjoyment to wrestling fans all over the world and with this new platform take that endeavour in even greater and more exciting directions. Thank you for all of your continued support over the years.”

River Tamoor Baig, Founder of Wrestling Metaverse, was thrilled to reveal the news to the world:

“When I was growing up, Al Snow was an UNMISSABLE part of wrestling TV. Whenever he was on screen, audiences were totally captivated! Easily one of the most memorable gimmicks in history. The depth with which Al committed himself to the character shows he was always ahead of the curve and really bold in his creativity. So it’s a bit of a dream come true to be able to work with Al and help share his wrestling legacy even further. Welcome to the Wrestling Metaverse, Al!”

Wrestling Metaverse is an upcoming video game set to feature some of the biggest stars from the world of Professional Wrestling as well as a host of custom-created and fan-created wrestling characters. Built on blockchain technology, the game will allow players to compete against each other in various types of battles including 1v1 and 2v2, while also earning rewards. Each character within the game will be its own NFT (Non-Fungible Token), a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on the blockchain, which potential players can purchase to use in the game. This creates the opportunity for the real-life Professional Wrestlers who offer their likeness to the game to profit from the sales of their characters, both in original sales and re-sales. A considerable portion of profits will also be donated to charity.

No release date has yet been announced for the game but WrestleZone will continue to provide any and all updates for ‘Wrestling Metaverse’.

Al Snow and Chavo Guerrero recently spoke with WrestleZone about another project they’re both involved in, The Adventures of Al Snow & Head, Featuring Chavo Guerrero Jr.’  comic book.

“Eric approached me about wanting to do the old Marvel team-up comic books and asked if I had anybody that I could suggest and I immediately thought of Chavo [Guerrero] because I remembered Pepe thought it would be cool if we were to do a western story. So, Chavo and Pepe and me and Head. So, we sat down and wrote, and it’s a pretty cool story and the artwork is just absolutely amazing. One of the little details is whenever you see Chavo with Pepe, there’s a little cloud and you can’t tell he’s on the horse, it looks like he’s riding a real horse. They’re a lot of fun and it’s a different kind of story and they’re wrestling characters but kind of reimagined in a different light and the people working on it are heavy hitters in the comic book industry and I’m just blown away by some of the amazing artists and the inkers and the letterers that have worked on this book. It’s very flattering and when you see the artwork and the quality of the books that Eric put together, it’s really creative.”

Check out the full interview, where Snow and Guerrero also talk about teaming together in the Tough Enough era, their one singles match together, Young Rock’s appeal and how it’s grounded in reality and much more, at this link.

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