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Al Snow Says Wrestling Chavo Guerrero Is Like ‘Having A Night Off’

Al Snow knows that when you have the right chemistry with your opponent, work doesn’t even seem like work.

Former WWE/WWF Hardcore Champion Al Snow, alongside Chavo Guerrero recently spoke with WrestleZone’s own Bill Pritchard. During the conversation, Snow and Chavo noted how they each have long tenures in the wrestling business but haven’t worked together in the ring very much. According to Cagematch, the two only have seven matches together, with one being a singles match.

Despite their lack of in-ring time with each other, Snow explained a saying that was commonly used in the WWE locker room back in the day was ‘it’s either you’re pulling teeth or you have a night off,’ and working with Chavo was the latter.

“You can tell sometimes with certain guys you have chemistry with and I knew whenever Chavo and I’d have an opportunity to work with each other,” Snow explained. “For us in wrestling, we have a saying it’s either you’re pulling teeth or it’s a night off and with Chavo, it’s like a night off. Those are the nights that make you know why you do it and make you wanna do it again and again. Because when you get an opportunity like that and can get in there with guys like Chavo, you don’t have to talk ahead of time, you just do and the other guy knows what to do and how to react and how much to react and you just play off each other and the crowd does exactly what you want, how you want, when you want. It’s effortless, you don’t hurt, it’s like magic, it really is and you’re always chasing that high, that’s when you get addicted, because you get that high and that’s all I wanna do. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Chavo would then call back to a singles match he and Snow had whilst working for wrestling promoter, Dave Herro.

“We used to do some tag stuff when we did Tough Enough, us and Bob Holly,” Chavo explained when speaking about the lack of on-screen time the pair had together in WWE. “One thing that was really cool is we worked with Dave Herro at one of his big shows and Al and I were the main event and he said just go out there and have fun and we did. Somebody out there had a stick horse and I ran out there and grabbed it and they had Head and we switched that, at one point I had Head and he had the stick horse and it was a lot of fun. I get a lot of feedback and when we’re having fun in the ring, they’re having fun.”

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