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Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor

Jonathan Gresham Wins Undisputed ROH World Championship At Supercard Of Honor

Jonathan Gresham faced Bandido to determine the Undisputed ROH World Champion at ROH Supercard of Honor.

Gresham was set to challenge Bandido for the World Championship at ROH Final Battle in December, but the latter tested positive for COVID-19. He was pulled from the card and replaced by Jay Lethal. Gresham defeated Lethal to win the Original ROH World Champion, setting the stage for the buzzworthy unification bout.

Gresham ultimately emerged victorious to win the gold. After the match, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt attacked him until Samoa Joe made the save in his grand return to ROH.

Here’s how the match broke down, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

ROH Undisputed World Championship: Bandido (with Chavo Guerrero Jr.) vs. Jonathan Gresham

Bandido and Gresham trade fast-paced offense early on, and the match is a stalemate. Gresham eventually gains a brief advantage with a dropkick, but Bandido fires back with a flurry of offense. Another dropkick sends Bandido to the outside. Gresham grounds Bandido with a crossface, but the latter locks in a Surfboard. “The Octopus” counters and escapes it. He traps Bandido in an ankle lock before “The Most Wanted Champion” reaches the ropes. Bandido rallies with a corkscrew dive that gives him some needed momentum. He drops Gresham with a deadlift stalling suplex after holding him in the position for a full minute.

The two men trade chops, and Gresham turns Bandido inside-out with a clothesline. Gresham plants Bandido with three German suplexes. Bandido narrowly manages to escape The Octopus Lock. Outside the ring, Guerrero shoves Bandido out of the way when Gresham goes for a dive to the outside. Bandido gets two counts on a suplex and a shining wizard. Bandido accidentally kicks the referee, and when the official isn’t looking, Guerrero hits Gresham with the title. Bandido is upset by this interference, so he tells the referee to eject his manager from ringside. Gresham gets a two count on a pin attempt, and Bandido responds with a pop-up cutter. Gresham counters the 21-Plex and rolls Bandido up for a near fall. Bandido dives onto Gresham outside the ring. He hits the X-Knee and the 21-Plex for a near fall. Gresham traps Bandido’s arm to win the bout.

Winner and new Undisputed ROH World Champion; Jonathan Gresham

After the match, Gresham starts to talk about his mission to purify ROH, but Jay Lethal cuts him off. He wants to help Gresham help send the fans home happy. He makes it clear that he wants to be the first man to challenge Gresham for the gold. Gresham turns him down due to his recent actions, and Lethal says no one would know who Gresham is if not for him. Sonjay Dutt comes out to try and keep the peace, but he turns on Gresham and helps Lethal attack him. Lee Moriarty tries to make the save, but the duo beats up him too. Some unfamiliar music plays, and Samoa Joe comes to the ring to make the save. He stares down Lethal and shake hands with Gresham.

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