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Rhea Ripley Says Match With Bianca Belair Would Be An ‘All Out War’

Rhea Ripley spoke with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo at a WrestleMania 38 media event about some of the inspirations for her in-ring persona, which has continued to evolve in the years since she’s joined WWE. Ripley credited music and horror movies as some of the ways she expresses herself in the ring.

“So, I love Motionless In White, they’re my all-time favorite band and they always get me revved up, so they’re definitely right up there. I found this band, I wanna say a year ago now, Ice Nine Kills, they sing about like horror movies and I see their video clips and sometimes it gets me through my workout. They’re lovely, they’re great. New Year’s Day and Ash Costello, she sings my song, that’s my all-time favorite band,” Ripley noted, “but there’s so many bands that I love. I have so many different genres as well.”

Speaking more about Motionless’ influence, Ripley also noted how the band recently put out a new track that had her feeling like she was watching herself.

“It’s funny because Motionless In White just released a new song, ‘Cyber Hex’, and I was watching the video clip and I was like ‘it’s me!’ Chris and I just look so alike,” she noted, “He bleached his hair now and had the dark lipstick and had the dark eyes and had the red light behind him, I’m like ‘I do that all the time in wrestling! It was wild and I was watching like ‘it’s me!’ I had to pause it for a minute and look. I get a lot of inspiration from growing up and watching bands, film clips and stuff like that.”

Bianca Belair had the honor of main eventing night one of WrestleMania 37, and she also had one of the best matches of this year’s event. Ripley was asked who she’d want to main event the “Show of Shows” with if given the chance, so it almost came as no surprise to hear her pick “The EST” as a potential opponent.

“For myself, so, I’ve done Asuka, I’ve done Charlotte, I’d honestly love to face Bianca. We just know each other so well,” Ripley noted, “so it’d just be an all-out war. Tough competitor.”


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