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Nick Khan: WWE Has Big Plans To Help Roman Reigns Become A Crossover Star

Nick Khan sees big things in Roman Reigns‘ future with WWE and beyond.

WWE President Nick Khan was a recent guest on The Town with Matthew Belloni to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the amount of former WWE Superstars who have spoken about their poor experiences with the company, Khan said people at the top of the card are treated differently than people at the bottom. Still, everyone is treated “humanly,” and they all have the same opportunity to earn their way to the top of the card.

“I think number one, everyone’s treated humanly,” Nick Khan began. “Which everyone obviously deserves to be treated that way. I do think there’s analogies with little company and other companies. So you’re a big Dodgers guy. Lakers, still a big Lakers guy? [Interviewer says he’s a Shaq guy] was Shaq treated better than any player on the team, other than Kobe? Yeah, that’s the way it is. It’s a meritocracy. So if you’re at the top of the card, you know, hey, maybe you have a bigger dressing room than the person at the bottom of the card. But everyone has the same opportunity to earn their way there, and you’ve seen people who were not stars at a prior moment.”

Nick Khan believes the success of people like The Rock and John Cena comes from the fact that they are just amplified versions of who they are in real life—implying that miscasting someone causes them to not connect with the audience.

“The inner voice has to match the outer voice. It’s the same thing with our characters. Rock, John Cena, Stone Cold, Roman Reigns, who they are now is who they are in real life, just amplified,” Nick Khan said. “That tends to work best for us. And when you miscast someone, or you cast them non-character, in my opinion, it never works in the film business, or it rarely works in the film business.”

When asked if the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will be the next crossover star for the company, Khan believes that he will be and says they have big plans for The Head of the Table to help him cross over.

“We think he’s certainly up there, and we have big plans with him to help him cross over, which we think will be great for him and certainly great to do with him,” Nick Khan said.

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What do you make of Nick Khan’s comments? Do you believe that Roman Reigns could be a crossover star for WWE? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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