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Jeet Rama Partners With Indian Wrestling Promotion To Open ‘Jeet Wrestle Square Academy’

Jeet Rama is starting his own wrestling academy.

Former WWE superstar Jeet Rama has announced that he’s partnering with Indian wrestling promotion Wrestle Square to open  Jeet Wrestle Square Academy in his home country of India.

During an interview with Sportskeeda, Rama proclaimed his admiration for Wrestle Square, noting that he believes they’re the only Indian promotion that displays ‘true’ professional wrestling.

“With Wrestle Square, I used to visit the promotion even when I was in WWE. Ever since I joined in 2015, I’ve been talking to these guys, because to me, only these guys are doing pro wrestling right. I used to do amateur wrestling while in India. The first thing you need is a fire. I’ve seen that in this academy, in this company.”

When it comes to the name of the brand-new academy, Rama explains that the academy should celebrate the middle area between sports entertainment and professional wrestling.

“Jeet is a Hindi word which means ‘to win.’ It is a word that motivates you. And Jeet Rama Ji who used to perform under this name was given the name because he was great at amateur wrestling. That’s why he was known as Jeet. And Jeet Wrestle Square, the name has been decided because India’s victory should be celebrated across the world in terms of sports and entertainment when it comes to professional wrestling,”

Rama was a key cog in WWE’s scouting in the Middle East before being released by the company in November 2021.

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