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Photo Credit: WWE

Lacey Evans Is Open To Returning To Wrestling, But It Was Never Her Passion

Lacey Evans has been absent from wrestling since getting released from WWE last year. Recently, Evans (Macey Estrella) discussed the potential of seeing her back in the ring.

While speaking to Carlo Perruzza, she said that she is open to wrestling, as she loved the hard-hitting action. But, she never had a passion for the sport and is quite busy nowadays, focusing on her family and many businesses.

“I loved wrestling. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t my passion. But I love the hard-hitting action. If there’s a company out there that will bring me in to kicka** and get my a** kicked, that’s great. But right now, we are focused on a lot. We do… We have a lot of investment properties. When I tell you, we invested from all the blessings that WWE has given us, we have. So we have a Construction company. Obviously, my husband is a general contractor. So… Which we have ran prior to WWE. So, we do a lot and we also teach our kids work ethic. So, while I have a fan page and all that, they are completely oblivious to all that.”

Lacey Evans on her kids and their future

During the same interview, Evans mentioned that she and her husband are doing everything in their power to teach their children about work ethic and want to make sure they grow up to being good people and fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

“They are home-schooled. They are out on the farm. We have Air BNBs, we have properties that… We have a cafe named after our girls. My daughter gets up at 4:00AM, she’s rolling donuts, she’s making donuts, she’s working the cafe, she’s cutting checks. So, I home-school. Which I’ve said a 1000 times. I take all that very very serious. So, while me and my husband may have a little bit of fun, in one of the homes that we purchased, in order to create content, our real meat and potatoes is our family. We want to instill the work ethic.

“And while I may be pretty as hell and this is what I choose to do, there’s no telling what my kids are going to grow up to do and we just want to make sure that whatever that is, that they know how to work. And they know how to conduct themselves with professionalism. Mostly do whatever the hell they want to do. Be good people and f*ck it. Do what you wanna do. And that’s just what I believe in. As long as they are happy, healthy, and doing what the f*ck they wanna do, we will support them. Other than the pony, the fake pony, you ain’t doing that. So, pick a different f*cking hobby kid,” Lacey Evans said.

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