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Johnny Knoxville On Wee Man’s WrestleMania Slam: I Hope He Starts Bodyslamming People In The Streets

Johnny Knoxville hopes Wee Man takes it to the streets.

WrestleMania 38 featured a highly-publicized match between Johnny Knoxville and Sami Zayn, but the contest provided plenty of hijinks and a memorable run-in from Jackass star Wee Man. Knoxville was on Wednesday’s episode of WWE’s The Bump and was asked to comment on the publicity the Wee Man Slam got, and Knoxville said that he hopes it becomes a new photo-op for his friend.

“I hope he starts bodyslamming people in the streets. I’m sure people will ask him to. People ask him to kick them in the nuts all the time, so now Wee Man is going to have to bodyslam people for photos,” Knoxville noted. “It was an amazing moment. I was like, ‘Oh, he just stole the show right there.’ I’m so happy about it.”

Co-host Kayla Braxton then asked about the other infamous Wee Man bodyslam this year, which came at the hands of Brock Lesnar ahead of the Royal Rumble in January. The video of Brock Lesnar bodyslamming Wee-Man through a table went viral, and Knoxville told Braxton that he became the biggest Brock Lesnar fan after that moment. 

“I lost my ability to stand afterward. I just fell to my knees and I was hugging strangers, I went to hug Brock. It was an amazing moment at the Four Seasons restaurant,” Knoxville said. “People lost their minds. Every time Wee-Man gets slammed or slams someone, people lose their minds. 

“We couldn’t have been any happier. None of us made any movement to try and clear the glasses or plates off the table,” Knoxville added. “We just let him get slammed right into the glassware and everything else. I think Jasper did grab his cell phone off of the table before [Wee Man] got slammed, but he left the glasses.”

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