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Cody Rhodes: I Want To Keep Making Strong Statements, They Hold Me To Do Strong Things

Cody Rhodes is grateful for the incredible run he’s on.

Rhodes spoke about things he was thankful for on a December 2021 episode of Sammy Guevara’s vlog. Rhodes mentioned getting fans ready to “go on a ride that’s just bizarre” and it was “not the path that you think” it would take.

At that time, it was a clear reference to his AEW career, as he even zoomed in on the TNT Championship at the end. A few months later, however, Cody Rhodes surprisingly left AEW and returned to WWE.

Cody Rhodes certainly has taken fans on an impressive ride since WrestleMania 38. It’s one that was not originally in the plans for him, and it’s hard not to think about his original comment taking on a new context. I had the chance to speak with Cody Rhodes about this on SummerSlam weekend, asking him if he’s been able to reflect on just how much has changed in his own career and pro wrestling overall since then.

“One of the pitfalls of promotion,” Rhodes explained, “whether it was forward-facing at my former gig or being here is there’s a few days of, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve got this interview. It was great.’ Then three days out, the quotes just exist in space outside of context. And those quotes are real, you did say them, but you do another interview and the quote sounds different.”

Betting On Myself

Rhodes continued, explaining that he could not have expected what happened to go down like it did. He said he likes going against the grain in many ways, but the situation still hasn’t sunk it yet.

“Long story short, I couldn’t have expected what was going to happen. I had plans, maybe, on another big left turn. I like to say I take a lot of left turns as far as doing things that are different, betting on myself. But this wasn’t anything that I could have expected. Right now as I’m answering this question,” Rhodes said. “It still hasn’t hit me how large of a run that’s happened for me, how lucky I am to have had this run just in WWE, just the recent time.

“I don’t know if the gravity of what I wanted to do and what’s actually been done since then,” Rhodes said, “[I don’t know] if I’m really aware of it. But I would like to continue making strong statements because they hold me to do strong things, I hope.”

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Bonded By Battle

During the WWE SummerSlam Press Conference, Rhodes was asked about the post-match moment he shared with Brock Lesnar. Rhodes noted that the significance of the moment hadn’t fully dawned on him and thought he and Brock may have been bonded by battle.

“I got asked a question right after it was over,” Rhodes said. “We were just filming some behind-the-scenes content. I don’t think it’s dawned on me, what a moment like that really means. This run, since I came back to WWE, has been consistently surprising to me in every way. I think that’s why I am so touched by it all. It’s real. It’s as real as it could get in this world. That’ll be something that I look at and have a very deep, deep appreciation.

“I mean, the guy also hocked a loogie on me in the middle of the match. He has given me more German suplexes, F5s, F5s through tables. Absolutely eviscerated me on many levels. Somehow, someway, I felt like there was maybe just this bond by battle there in that final moment.”

Rhodes also said he believes he found his Harley Race. Read more post-show comments here.

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