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Los Lotharios: We Use Real People For The Kiss Cam During Live Events

Los Lotharios are genuine with their kiss cam.

Angel and Humberto have been kissing individuals in the crowd at WWE shows for some time now. Given the safety concerns linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to assume that the duo have been using plants for this bit.

In an interview with Scott Fishman of TV Insider, Angel made it clear that they kiss an actual crowd member during live events. He noted that they want to make sure everyone is safe during TV tapings, and he also acknowledged the presence of COVID-19 testing. The former NXT Cruiserweight Champion went on to state that the kiss cam is getting the reactions they want.

“During live events, we do a normal crowd member,” said Angel. “Right now, we got to make sure during TV they are safe, especially with COVID. There is even testing. I remember back in the day during Raw, I would do that spot. I was asking for kisses from the ladies. By the beginning of the pandemic, I stopped doing it.

“We didn’t realize how big it was that I was still doing it. I would joke that my kisses were the cure for COVID. Right now, those words are killing me. They are like, “Remember these tweets”—I totally messed up. But the “Kiss Cam” was something I brought to the table. What if both of us do some kiss with some ladies? We started working on that. It came out great. We are getting those reactions we want. I think it is going to work even better.”

The duo also looked back on the origin of their team. Humberto described how, as cousins, they’ve known each other for a long time, and they work well together.

“I think there was no better choice than to make us a tag team,” said Humberto. “We’ve known each other since we were kids. We are cousins. We feel so good being in the ring doing the stuff we like to do together. We have good chemistry in the ring. We are good-looking. It feels good, feels natural.”

As for Angel, he expressed his confidence that they’ll be “at the top” and shared his belief that they fit the gimmick perfectly.

“In terms of the character, I’m used to it,” said Angel. “I’ve been playing bad since I was on NXT and then on Raw. [I’m] just changing some different things. I think the one who changed completely was my cousin. We were pitching ourselves as a tag team. They kept telling us, “Yeah, in the future. You got to wait.” At a certain point in the middle of nowhere, they said, “You are a tag team officially. You guys are in shape. You look great.” We’re excited. I think we fit perfectly with this gimmick. At a certain point, you will see The Lotharios at the top.”

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