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Good Brothers Will Keep The Train Moving, Overconfident Heading Into Tag Title Match At Rebellion

The Good Brothers are confident they will once again be IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Champions after Rebellion on Saturday night.

Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, the Good Brothers, spoke with WrestleZone ahead of IMPACT’s Rebellion pay-per-view where they will be one of the teams challenging for the company’s tag team titles. Violent By Design are the current champions, but the Good Brothers held the titles for so long that a lapsed fan might believe they are still the top team. Doc Gallows agreed that it’s not a sleight on VBD by any means, touting their success so far, but said it’s just a statement on how much he and Anderson have done with IMPACT.

Doc: “Yeah, it’s not taking anything away from them. Eric Young’s on a European tour right now, big Joe Doering had a hell of a run in Japan and Cody Deaner’s one of the most underrated pro wrestlers in the company, in the industry, I think. Ya know, we walked through LaGuardia yesterday and people were still yelling for the Good Brothers and throwing it up, so we’re gonna keep that train moving. So, I’m happy you agree with that brother Bill.”

Violent By Design has been smart in winning the titles with both of their reigns, first cashing in a “Call Your Shot” title opportunity against FinJuice, and the second coming against the Good Brothers at Sacrifice. Gallows noted that both title changes served as a sign that IMPACT is full of surprises, but one thing that’s for sure is you’re still getting their best.

Doc: “No and that’s another point that I think is crucial to make about the current product of IMPACT Wrestling. If you haven’t been out to see it live, if you haven’t seen a live IMPACT on AXS TV taping, you really never know what you’re gonna get, from the surprise arrival of Honor No More, to the Multiverse of Matches to the influx of New Japan, AEW, NWA. We have talent from across the board and I think IMPACT’s maybe done the best job of all the companies of inter-promotional interaction. IMPACT got started, about two years ago so you never know what you’re gonna see on these shows but of course, you’re gonna see the Good Brothers and the reincarnation, the best version of the Bullet Club there’s ever been and it’s only gonna get hotter.”

Asked about the surprises and “Forbidden Door” being open, the pair noted that those opportunities — and title match incentives like the Call Your Shot Gauntlet — highlight just why people should sleep on IMPACT or its roster.

Doc: – “I think the door is open and I think the Call Your Shot Gauntlet was a great name to call it because anybody can walk-in, call their shot and make their mark in this company right now. We’ve seen it happen over the last few months, so I think that there’s a lot of great, new talent, a lot of up-and-comers but I also think that with the surprises in-store, people are gonna be pretty happy, ya know, in a week-and-a-half when we roll to Poughkeepsie for the TV tapings.”

Karl: “Yeah, I think this is a great time for Josh Alexander, he’s going to be the next big star. I think this is a great time to show people he has a lot to prove, he has to earn their trust as a top star, but I think he’s going to do it. This is a really cool time to watch someone grow into a big star and ‘will he or will he not’ is the question, but I think he will. It’s an awesome time to watch.”

IMPACT Wrestling presents Rebellion at the Majed J. Nesheiwat Convention Center (formerly Mid-Hudson Civic Center) on Saturday, April 23. The Good Brothers will be one of seven teams challenging Violent By Design for the IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Championship at the event.

Check out our full interview with the Good Brothers at the top of this page, where they discuss their (lack of) history together in upstate New York, badass movies and more.

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