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Video Footage Of Jimmy Uso’s July 2021 DUI Arrest Released

Video footage from Jimmy Uso’s DUI arrest last summer has been released.

One-half of the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Jimmy Uso was arrested in July 2021 due to a misdemeanor DUI. In brand-new police video footage obtained by TMZ, the WWE star was shown calling the arresting officer an ‘a**hole’ during a field sobriety test.

Before administering the sobriety test, the officer told Jimmy; “I’m hoping you beat it this time, too.” The comment wasn’t well-received by Uso, who responded, “Are you serious?! Are you serious?! Why would you say that? I just — it’s all good.”

The initial confrontation ignited the following exchange between Jimmy and the officer.

Uso: “That’s crazy, right? He didn’t have to say that s***.”

Officer: “The nice thing?”

Uso: “The nice thing?! Bro, you don’t need to say the s*** you’re saying. I get it. I’ve been here. Let’s do it. You’re an a***hole. You’re the one that’s worse. You had a remark — you made a remark you shouldn’t have did.”

Officer: “I think you misunderstood. So, I’m sorry. I was actually being nice. But, I’m sorry.”

According to the officer’s documents, Uso blew a .202 and .205 during the sobriety test, which is well over the 0.08 legal limit in the United States. Uso would plead not guilty to the charges and subsequently cut a deal with prosecutors to close the case.

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Check out the full video below: