W. Morrissey Details His Journey Into Sobriety And His Return To 2300 Arena

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Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

W. Morrissey, the former Big Cass, recently opened up about how emotional it was for him to return to the 2300 Arena. Before he returned to the famous arena with IMPACT, the last time he was there, he was battling alcohol withdrawal, which resulted in a seizure. Now, speaking to TMZ Sports, Morrissey detailed his journey to sobriety and just how special it was for him to be able to perform in front of a crowd in the 2300 Arena.

“Yeah, so the last time I was in that building was like the lowest point in my life, you know? It was humiliating, and to have a seizure, from alcohol withdrawal in front of all those people. And then, to have people post it on YouTube, and people were taking videos and stuff. It was a really, really low point. It was humiliating. So to go back there with a different mindset, being happy, healthy, sober, and just with such a bigger appreciation for life and everything it has to offer. It was — just going back there and the mindset I’m in now, that was really important to me. When I was there, just thinking, Man, ‘the last time you were in this building, you were so unhappy,’ even before the seizure. So it was nice.”

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Continuing on, Morrissey once again stated that he believes he’s doing the best work of his career right now in IMPACT Wrestling.

“Yeah, I’d say that I’m definitely doing the best work in my entire career,” he said. “Inside the ring, outside the ring, and promos. Everything that I’m doing now is the best I’ve ever done. I think that that you know is a testament to my sobriety and also just the peace, the overwhelming peace that I have right now in my life, which helps me perform better. But also, I am working harder than I’ve ever worked in my life. There are points I look back now like years ago where I thought I was working really hard and I couldn’t put in any more effort. Now I look at those days and like man, ‘You could have put in a lot more effort.’”

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