billy gunn
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Billy Gunn Jokes That Only Two People Liked His Match With Jay White, Details His Workout Routine

Despite being 60 years old, Billy Gunn is not slowing down at all.

The WWE Hall of Famer signed with AEW in 2019 as a producer but has since become a key figure on TV. He has teamed with sons, The Gunn Club, before joining the Acclaimed and becoming a champion, which made him the oldest champion in AEW history.

However, it is clear why Billy Gunn is in such impressive shape. He still works out regularly, hitting the gym five days a week when others his age would be gearing up for retirement.

Billy Gunn spoke with Bill Apter for Sportskeeda, and was asked to detail his weekly workout routine. Apter said Gunn’s match with Jay White was great, which was a contrast from the apparent opinion on social media.

“You’re almost getting on my good side because you and my wife were the only ones that thought it was great,” Billy joked about his match with internet hero Jay White.

Apter then asked Gunn to detail his workout routine. He said that he works five days a week, but only does arms on a Wednesday. This is to make sure he is not too tired to wrestle on AEW Dynamite, an impressive routine for the 60-year-old.

“It’s just a lifestyle for me now. I still do this, I still do stuff with The Acclaimed, my kids, so I have to be in some kind of shape so I don’t fall apart. Plus, it’s my life now. This is what I live. Working out and nutrition is what I do,” Gunn explained.

“I work out 5 days a week. Usually, I take Saturday and Sunday off. Okay, Monday is legs, chest is Tuesday. Wednesday is arms because that’s TV day,” he continued. “So you do a little, you know, a smaller body part so I’m not wiped out so I can have matches like I did on Wednesday night against Jay White. Thursday is usually back, and then Friday’s shoulders.”

Billy Gunn: I Want To Wrestle Will Ospreay In My Retirement Match

Billy Gunn and his wife were being interviewed on The A2theK Wrestling Show recently. On the show, he revealed that he told his kids that he wants to wrestle Will Ospreay in his retirement match, and not then.

This annoyed Austin and Colten Gunn, but Billy noted that he loves Ospreay.

“But my… um… her kids… I say her kids my kids… um… They just… They weren’t having it. You know. They weren’t having that retired yet. And that’s not how I’m going to retire because my… her kids… I say her kids are like Colten and Austin. And then my kids are The Acclaimed. That’s our standing joke around the house. But my kids or her kids said that I have to wrestle them.

“That’s my retirement match. Although I tell them Will Ospreay is my retirement match and they’re… They get so mad about that because I love Will. I love Will, I do. There’s something about him and he does some weird, and he does some really cool stuff that I’ve never done. That I just want to take. That’s the weird thing. But that’s what I tell my kids all the time. I said, “I’m not wrestling you two in my retirement match. I’m wrestling Will Ospreay.”