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Road Dogg Reflects On The ‘Perfect Match’ During His Roadie Days, The WrestleMania Dumpster Match

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Road Dogg, who looked back on the New Age Outlaws’ infamous Dumpster Match against Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie, as well as some of his work as The Roadie and as a singles wrestler.

“As far as my match, the match I have that’s most memorable was probably the Dumpster Match, you know, at [WrestleMania XV]. But there are some lesser ones that really meant a lot to me. There’s one with me and Bossman for the Hardcore Title. I cut a promo in front of the match to challenge him and make him put up the title for the match, then he did. Then Mick Foley got involved and we screwed him and I won the Hardcore Title. But that was a really cool match and I really loved Bubba, just all of it comes together to make it really memorable for me personally.

“And then there’s one when I was the Roadie that was Scott Hall and Kevin Nash versus Jeff Jarrett and Shawn Michaels, and I was The Roadie. And we did that for probably three months straight every night. And it was so smooth and so laid-out and so perfect. Like it was just the perfect match, and it just worked that way every night, like we never had a bad one. And I don’t think we ever did that on TV, I think it was just all a live event loop that we did that. But yeah there’s three, but I got paid the most for the ‘Mania Dumpster Match, of course.”

Road Dogg then went on to speak about his brief run as Intercontinental Champion, which lasted for 14 days in March of 1999.

“It is [in the record books]. I was the Intercontinental Champion. You know what I remember about that time the most is I honestly think they put the title — because remember Billy was the Hardcore Champion for a minute too, through that time period. I think they literally, like if you look at Billy and you look at me, you know I’m not the Intercontinental Champion. You know what I mean? [laughs] Billy looks like that. Billy looks like the Intercontinental Champion, I look like the Hardcore Champion.

“So I just felt like they put those titles on us to try to keep us afloat a little bit and then realized oh, we put the wrong title on the wrong guy. And if you remember, I lost the Intercontinental Title, it was literally a week or two weeks or something, and then I won the Hardcore Title not long after that. So yeah it was, I don’t know. I don’t remember much of the Intercontinental Title run because there wasn’t much of an Intercontinental Title run,” Road Dogg said. “And you’re right, it’s in the record books, man. I was an Intercontinental Champion, and I guess that’s cool. It’s cool to me.”

Check out some free-to-watch full-length matches from Road Dogg’s career below, including the New Age Outlaws’ tag title match against The Rock N Sock Connection, and their steel cage match against The Hardys. We’ve also included a Watchalong of Road Dogg, Shawn Michaels and Jeff Jarrett reliving the Intercontinental Championship match from WWF: In Your House 2

New Age Outlaws vs. The Rock & Mankind (The Rock N Sock Connection)

WWF SmackDown — September 23, 1999

New Age Outlaws vs. The Hardy Boyz (WWF World Tag Team Title Steel Cage Match)

WWF SmackDown — November 25, 1999


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