New IMPACT Digital Media Champion Crowned At Wrestling REVOLVER Vegas Vacation

Matt Cardona Rich Swann Wrestling REVOLVER Vegas Vacation
Image Credit: Wrestling REVOLVER

Matt Cardona now has one less title belt to carry around.

Ahead of Wrestling REVOLVER‘s Vegas Vacation event on May 28, Cardona held the IMPACT Digital Media Championship, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, and the Internet Championship, among other belts. On Saturday, he defended the IMPACT title against Rich Swann; the two men have been feuding in recent weeks on IMPACT Wrestling, as Swann set his sights on the gold after Cardona insulted him.

Despite Cardona’s best efforts, Swann won the bout at Vegas Vacation, so he won the title and became the third person to ever hold the IMPACT Digital Media Championship. Though Swann emerged victorious, he didn’t take the gold home with him. After the bell, Cardona clung to the title and said it would always belong to him. He then ran out of the arena, holding the title close all the while.

Cardona previously beat Jordynne Grace for the title on the February 3 episode of IMPACT Wrestling.

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