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KiLynn King Takes Pride In Being A Hybrid Wrestler, Details Strategy Against Kamille At NWA Alwayz Ready

KiLynn King is bringing her all in hopes of ending Kamille’s impressive NWA title reign.

NWA Alwayz Ready will mark KiLynn King’s second shot at Kamille and the NWA Women’s World Championship, as she also challenged for the title at CCW Industrial Evolution in December. Kamille has now reached a full year as NWA Women’s World Champion, so she’s certainly proved she’s a worthy adversary over the last year. Asked how she’s approaching the match-up with Kamille this time, King said she’s just trying to do as much as she can to find a weakness and capitalize on it.

“I think my strategy right now is just studying her work as much as I can, because her work has slowly been developing in NWA over time. And it’s really important to look at what she’s done recently that has given her success and to find the weak points in that strategy and that gameplay that she uses to find her success. So right now,” King explained, “it’s a matter of studying that, breaking it down, and figuring out what the vantage points for myself are in that formula.”

Not only is NWA Alwayz Ready a chance to win gold and end an impressive title reign, but King also gets a chance to perform in front of a pay-per-view audience again. She was part of NWA Empowerrr last summer and has four matches for the NWA so far, but this time she hopes to show the world that she’s an improved competitor and can do much more than they might expect from a “powerhouse” athlete.

“It’s definitely going to be exciting being in front of this new crowd and this new arena. It definitely is going to bring a different energy, which of course, is going to bring, I think, a fresh spice out of Kamille and I. For the past year or so, people have just been getting introduced to me and understanding the different kinds of things that I bring to the ring,” she noted. “I think on June 11th, when I step into the ring with Kamille, it’s going to be about bringing everything that I’ve been slowly but surely adding to the repertoire.

“It’s really easy to look at this match and think, ‘Oh, Kamille and I are both big powerhouses’, so that’s what this is going to be. But I pride myself on being what I like to call a hybrid wrestler. I studied martial arts for six years before I even stepped into a wrestling ring, so I have a lot of striking abilities,” King noted. “When it comes down to it and it looks like I might be in a bad position, I really rely on my technicality to help me through those situations to get back to my striking and my powerhouse abilities. So I think this night and this moment is going to accumulate to everybody seeing the journey and then coming full circle to the point where I throw it all together just to try and win one of the biggest matches of my career.”

King also spoke about being able to connect with fans outside of the ring, noting that she prides herself on her mic work and attitude as much as her in-ring ability.

“People don’t always necessarily connect with the moves that you’re doin in the ring. That’s not the main factor that people connect with. Your voice and your personality and the things that you do in between all of that stuff, that’s what people connect with. So the majority of the time, people are going to discover–like half the time I get more reaction from a promo I post where I actually speak and people get to experience my personality and hear how I like to talk and my sassiness, or sometimes even a little bit of cockiness. They see that and they respond more to that than if I would have posted a clip from a match like, sure, it gets a response, but it gets more interaction when people get to get to know you.”

NWA Alwayz Ready takes place on Saturday, June 11. The event is available to pre-order on FITE now. Check out our full video interview with KiLynn King at the top of this post, where she also speaks about sitting under the learning tree of Thunder Rosa, training with the Dudleys and Billy Gunn, her recent work with Marina Tucker and more.

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