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Photo Credit: WWE

Kevin Owens Rides Into The Sunset After ‘Proving’ That Ezekiel Is Elias

Kevin Owens says the proof is in the pudding… err, victory.

In a WWE Digital Exclusive, Kevin Owens bragged about beating Elias Ezekiel at WWE Hell In A Cell on Sunday. Sarah Schreiber told Owens that he still didn’t prove his point, but Owens called her out for negativity and said the evidence was clear.

“Are you bringing that negativity up in here? Sarah Schreiber, the negative shrew. Is that an insult? I’m sorry, I take it immediately back. But you are negative, negative.

“So here’s the thing. I beat Ezekiel, as you call him, tonight using the exact same strategy that I’ve used in the past to beat Elias. You know what that indicates? Lay it on me, Sarah. Let me hear it in front of this beautiful sunset in Chicago, Illinois. Tell me what that means, you know the answer.”

Schreiber said that Owens really thinks that he proved Elias and Ezekiel are one and the same, and Owens agreed.

“That’s correct. Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna walk off dramatically into the sunset.”

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