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Maryse Reflects On Her Return To The Ring, The Miz Discusses Their Passion For ‘Miz & Mrs.’

Maryse didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for her return to the ring, especially given that she was juggling her responsibilities as a mother throughout her journey back to WWE.

The Miz and Maryse feuded with Edge for several weeks leading into the clash between the WWE Hall of Famer and “The A-Lister” at WWE Day 1. There, Beth Phoenix returned and confronted Maryse. “The It Couple” then faced Edge and Beth Phoenix in a mixed tag team bout at WWE Royal Rumble; this contest marked Maryse’s first match since 2018.

In an interview with Rick Ucchino of Cageside Seats, Maryse discussed the challenge of returning to action after a lengthy hiatus, especially after she had children. She noted that WWE told her about the plan for the match two months in advance.

“It was because I have two kids,” said Maryse. “It’s hard to be on the road and do what we do when you have children. You don’t wanna be away from home. And also getting back in the ring after having two kids, there’s a difference between working out and being in ring shape. It’s a sport. It takes time. And I was told about two months before Royal Rumble.”

Ucchino noted that the couple responded to a question about when fans can expect to see Maryse wrestle again with a “laugh and a non-answer”, so it’s unclear what the future holds for the former Divas Champion’s in-ring career.

Outside of WWE, the duo remains focused on their popular reality show, Miz & Mrs., which returns with the premiere of its third season on June 6. When discussing the upcoming season, the former WWE Champion stated that doing the show is a lot of work, but they’re passionate about it.

“Yes, we’re doing a lot and it is a lot of work to do this show. But it’s a show that we’re passionate about. We said if we’re gonna do this show, we’re gonna be all in and we’re gonna give everyone our lives. And show them, kind of, what it is really like to be WWE Superstars behind the scenes and just to be parents,” The Miz said. “I think any parent can relate to what we are going through, because if you’re a parent your kids don’t care what you do for a living. They don’t care. All they care about is ‘I wanna play’ and ‘I wanna play with you right now.’ And that’s what we’re gonna do. And anything you have on your mind, any drama that’s going on, I don’t care. Play with me.”

Fans can check out the two-episode season premiere of Miz & Mrs. on June 6, right after WWE RAW airs on USA Network.

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