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Charlie Haas Says Jim Cornette Saved His Career In 2002

Jim Cornette
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Charlie Haas credits Jim Cornette with saving his career.

Charlie Haas in 2022, is mostly known for his time teaming with Shelton Benjamin as a member of Team Angle, also known as the World’s Greatest Tag Team. However, Haas is crediting Jim Cornette with saving his career in 2002, the same year he would debut on WWE television.

Charlie Haas tells Inside The Ropes that Jim Cornette and Danny Davis showing that they believed in him when he was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2002 changed his career.

“My hat goes off to Jim Cornette and Danny Davis they saved my career. They really pushed for me and they’re pushing for me as a singles guy, a big babyface down there. But then we were doing a show when Shelton was on his way out of OVW.

“Jim Ross was down there watching the match he had with Redd Dog, and I had a match with Chris Nowinski, and he was like, ‘Man, why don’t we continue with the Team Angle?’ He knew about Russ passing away, so he goes, ‘No, how come we’re not doing it with you three?’ Me and Shelton are like, ‘I don’t know.’ So Jim Ross went ahead and talked to them and he asked Shelton, he goes, Would you tag with Charlie and he goes ‘Absolutely, definitely.’”

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Haas also got to work with Jim Cornette during the time that he and Shelton Benjamin were in Ring of Honor. These days, Charlie Haas is in the middle of a comeback in professional wrestling and has talked about being open to reforming his tag team with Shelton Benjamin.

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