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Shelton Benjamin: Team Angle Broke Up Way Too Early, It Was The Most Fun I Had

Shelton Benjamin thinks Team Angle broke up way too early.

The former WWE star was a part of an iconic team in 2003. He teamed with Charlie Haas and Kurt Angle as “Team Angle”. They were one of the top factions on Smackdown at the time.

Benjamin and Haas were known as “The World’s Greatest Tag Team” as a duo, and became two-time tag team champions in WWE. They also helped Kurt Angle become the WWE Champion during their time in the group.

However, Shelton Benjamin thinks the team broke up way too soon, and definitely had more legs. They broke up in June 2003, but the former WWE wrestler told the Daily Star that he thinks the group were still learning from Angle, and should have stayed with him.

He also called his stint with Angle as “the best time of my life”. He name-dropped some incredible wrestlers they got to work with in WWE, including Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Tajiri.

“Team Angle, yeah, I definitely think it goes under the radar because we didn’t get enough press, and we broke up way too early in my opinion.” Shelton Benjamin said. “Team Angle was only together for maybe 13 months before they broke us up.”

“Me and Charlie were still green as grass and still learning. But it was actually the best time of my life. Everything was new, everything was fun, and I was just happy to be on the roster. We were having these great matches with the Guerreros, and then later with Eddie [Guerrero], Tajiri, Rey [Mysterio], and [Billy] Kidman. That time with Team Angle was probably the most fun I had; that’s the most fun era for me.”