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Kamille Shares Valuable Lessons She Learned From Her Time In Strictly Business

NWA Women’s World Champion Kamille has learned from some of the best in the business. Strictly Business, that is.

In speaking with WrestleZone’s Colin Tessier, Kamille shared her experience in working with Thom Latimer, Nick Aldis and Chris Adonis. Collectively known as Strictly Business, the four ruled the National Wrestling Alliance for the last few years before disbanding in 2021. Latimer and Adonis recently reunited on NWA Powerrr, but time will tell if Strictly Business will ever fully reunite.

In the meantime, NWA Women’s Champion Kamille revealed her thoughts on working with the stable:

“So I think it was definitely a good time and a good learning experience being able to be around those wrestling minds such as my husband Thom [Latimer]. I get to be around him all the time and then Chris Adonis and Nick Aldis, they have such a great mind for the business and what’s going on. So being able to kind of immerse myself in that and learn from them and just sponge it all up was a great learning experience. And yes, we were very dominant, so that was fun as well.”

Additionally, Kamille revealed the most valuable lesson she learned from Chris Adonis.

“The most valuable lesson that I learned was really probably from Chris himself. He’s a big supporter of me and very positive. I think that just because since I’d only had a few matches with the NWA when I won the title, you have that question of ‘am I ready for this?’ I mean, that’s a big thing to hold and carry on your shoulders. As much confidence as I have in myself and as much as I feel like I do thrive under pressure, you do have that kind of voice in the back of your head saying, ‘okay, am I really ready for this?’.

“Chris, he always just kind of backed me up and told me how good I was, how ready for it I was and how well I was going to do with this title. So I think that’s the biggest takeaway is that he just gave me a lot of confidence to hold it with pride and know that I do deserve it and that I’m going to be able to put on some really great shows.”

Kamille recently defeated KiLynn King at NWA Alwayz Ready to retain her NWA Women’s Championship.

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