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Paige Announces She’s Finishing Up With WWE On July 7, Says She’ll Return To The Ring Someday

Paige is wrapping up her time with WWE.

In a tweet on June 10, the former Divas Champion announced that July 7 is her last day with the company. In a lengthy message, she thanked WWE for the opportunities it has given her and expressed her gratitude for her remarkable career. She also noted that she knew it was “pretty hard” for the company to keep her around after she was forced to retire, but she’s thankful they did.

The message is as follows:

Paige here! July 7th will be the last day with WWE. I’m so thankful and I appreciate the opportunities that the company has given me.

I will always be appreciative of the company that took in an 18 year old British pale emo girl that didn’t didn’t look like your average diva, giving me the chance of a lifetime and making me feel like a superstar. I know after my neck injury taking me out of in ring status, it was pretty hard to keep me around for as long as you did and for that I’m thankful too.

Thank you to the WWE Universe. You guys are the most passionate group of fans I’ve ever seen. Hope you continue to stay on this journey with me.

I think the toughest part weirdly enough is having to let the Paige name go! But Saraya is helluva nake. Kudos to my mom for that one.

FYI I’m not saying I’ll never be in the ring. That day will most certainly come again! Whenever the return maybe.

Thank you WWE.


Paige signed with WWE in 2011, and she went on to become the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion. She moved up to the main roster in 2014 and defeated AJ Lee to win the Divas Championship. Her win made her the youngest Divas Champion in WWE history and the only women to hold both the Divas Championship and the NXT Women’s Championship at the same time. Paige had neck surgery in 2016, and she suffered another neck injury at a house show in 2017. She retired from the ring on the April 9, 2018 episode of WWE RAW.

She subsequently became the general manager of WWE SmackDown for several months. After a brief hiatus, she returned in 2019 as the manager of the Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane) before the duo turned on her. Paige also contributed to WWE Backstage and made another appearance on SmackDown in 2020. Otherwise, she has served as an ambassador for the company.

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