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Bray Wyatt Addresses Supposed Photograph Of Himself As A Kid With Sting

Remember that photo of “The Icon” Sting with Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas as kids? Well, about that…

Bray Wyatt (Windham Rotunda) took to Instagram and posted the supposed picture of himself and his brother Bo Dallas (Taylor Rotunda) as children with Sting from his time in WCW. Despite popular belief that the two kids in the photo were Windham and Taylor, the former Bray Wyatt revealed that the kids aren’t them — and shared some funny insight on how the photo has followed him over the years.

“I never thought I would actually do this…. But I have seen this picture seemingly every time I check my social media for years now. I’ve seen it on wrestling news sites, I have even signed this picture for fans. One of my good friends sent me this TODAY, and he was far from the first to make the mistake,” Bray Wyatt posted alongside the photo on Instagram.

“The truth is I have no idea who the hell these kids are, but I know for sure they are not me or Taylor. It’s always been kind of a hilarious little joke to me but today my curiosity has gotten the best of me. So what say you, bowl cut brothers,” he added. “Are you out there?? Is this a funny little joke to you too? I think it’s high time you step up and take credit for this cool ass picture of you and prime Stinger. *red circle emoji*”

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