Photo Credit: WWE

Elias Returns On WWE RAW And Reunites With His Younger Brother, Ezekiel

Elias is back in WWE and his return was a smashing success.

Elias came back to RAW on Monday night and performed his latest concert, but not before he reunited with his younger brother, Ezekiel, before the gig. The two met backstage and reminisced about their respective career paths, then Zeke went to the ring and started playing some music.

Kevin Owens came out and called shenanigans once again, then threw Elias’ guitar out of the ring. Elias caught him with a kneelift, then smashed a second guitar over his back and sent him into retreat. Owens was spotted complaining about the segment, stating that he knew Elias was really Ezekiel with a fake beard and a recorded segment (clearly nonsense!)

Owens then said he didn’t care who showed up, but he wanted a match with Elias or Ezekiel next week, and Ezekiel accepted the challenge.

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