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Update On Hoodfoot After Light Tube Incident At GCW Dead On Arrival

Hoodfoot will fight another day.

Thursday night’s GCW Dead On Arrival event saw a match stopped early due to one of the performers being cut open by a light tube. Hoodfoot and Slade were facing off in a deathmatch, and the pair ended up striking each other with broken light tubes. One of the ends caught Hoodfoot and sliced him open badly, and it was serious enough that the match was stopped and Hoodfoot was escorted out of the ring. 

GCW’s Brett Lauderdale posted an initial update, writing that Hoodfoot was on his way to the hospital, but he would be OK.

“Quick update. Hoodfoot had a nasty gash but he is OK. Wanted to go back to the ring to finish but thats not gonna happen tonite haha. Hes headed to the hospital for a few stitches and will live to fight to another day,” Lauderdale wrote.

According to a post being shared by wrestlers including Cole Radrick, who also competed on the show, Hoodfoot received 40 internal and external staples to close up the wound.

Hoodfoot later checked in himself and wrote the following:

“Sometimes you get dumb ideas that work out…. Yea this wasn’t that,” he wrote. “I appreciate all the love and messages I’m gonna bounce back soon”

This morning, he added:

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Check out the incident below: