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Kurt Angle On Why He Thinks Gable Steveson Has Yet To Compete In WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is keeping himself busy since having surgery and exiting the pro wrestling scene. He was in Altoona, PA over the weekend for a live meet and great for the Pirates ‘AA’ affiliate, the Altoona Curve.

He also recently spoke with NBC Sports Boston and got to talking about fellow gold medalist Gable Steveson. Angle was asked why he thinks Steveson has yet to make any big appearances or matches for WWE. Angle said, “I think the reason is his size, he’s probably 170 pounds, you know, five foot eight. I think that bears a little bit on the reason why he’s not being pushed as much as he should be. But I think he’s an amazing talent, I think the WWE can do a lot with him. He’s very technical, he has a lot of charisma, he’s a very talented kid, and I think he would do extremely well if the company pushed him.”

While it remains to be seen why exactly WWE has yet to use Gable Steveson in the ring, reports surfaced last month that Steveson was having second thoughts about retiring from NCAA college wrestling. Gable still has college eligibility left, and despite leaving his boots on the mat after winning the national championship last year, he was reconsidering returning to Minnesota to compete.

When Angle was asked if there was any interest in managing Gable for WWE, Angle gave an interesting answer. He said, “It is not out of the question, I wanted to manage Jason Jordan and Chad Gable back in the day, and it never occurred. It was brought up in meetings but it just never happened.”

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Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for providing transcriptions.

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