the butcher and the blade
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

The Blade: I’m Writing A Story About My Character’s Backstory

The Blade wants to flesh out his character, and he’s attempting to do so by writing a short story.

The Blade, formerly known as Braxton Sutter, and The Butcher debuted in All Elite Wrestling in 2019. Since then, they have worked as henchman or mercenaries for heels like MJF, Matt Hardy, and Andrade El Idolo.

During an appearance alongside Allie (The Bunny) on Charles Band’s Full Moon Freakshow,  The Blade discussed the origins of his team with The Butcher and their original idea for the gimmick. He noted that, from a storyline perspective, they’re meant to lose or, metaphorically speaking, get killed off.

“So I’m in a tag team, me and another guy, my best friend Andy. Originally the gimmick was his creation, The Butcher and The Blade. Then AEW, [The Bunny] got signed first, and then when AEW brought me and Andy in, they had the idea of hey, The Butcher, The Blade, The Bunny. So they put us all together. The original idea behind The Butcher and The Blade was we always say like kinda like a mercenary kind of thing.

“We wanna be like 80s, 90s like and guys from the movies. Not the main bad guy, but he usually had a sidekick or the henchman. So we always say we’re meant to lose, we’re meant to get killed. Like Danny Trejo in Desperado, like they can’t kill the good guy, so you gotta bring somebody in, like, ‘We gotta call in The Butcher and The Blade.'”

The Blade went on to describe how he’s writing a short story about his character because it’s so different than that of The Butcher.

“Stuff started happening where me and Andy do tag these matches, but then we’ve also gotten hurt a lot,” said The Blade. “So he’s gotten hurt and then I’ve had to wrestle on my own, or I’ve gotten hurt and he’s done stuff on his own. So yeah, I’m actually trying to work on a short story right now, I’m writing, as far as like backstory for the character, The Blade.

“Because Andy is much different, he’s bigger, more burly, tattooed, and The Blade, I like to think of it more as like kinda like a slick assassin kind of thing, but still with some ruggedness, like obviously balding, a little stubble and stuff like that.”

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