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Goldberg Reflects On Accidentally Ending Bret Hart’s Career: I’ve Apologized, I’m Sure He’ll Never Forgive Me

Goldberg says he’ll take ending Bret Hart‘s career to the grave because he knows “The Hitman” will never forgive him.

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg was a recent guest on The Michael Kay Show to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When the fact was brought up that he was the one to end Bret Hart’s professional wrestling career in WCW, Goldberg spoke with remorse but wanted to be clear that it was an accident and not something he did on purpose.

“Well, you know what, yes, as Goldberg the character and as Goldberg the human, there’s no question about it,” Goldberg said. “I mean when an accident happens, and you tell your side of the story, and nobody believes it, especially the person who was negatively affected by it. Yeah, it sucks, and I will take it to my grave because I’m sure that he will never forgive me. But you know, hey, man, what else can I say?

“I said I was sorry, that it was unintentional. And it was the furthest thing from my mind; I don’t know, a million times. And of those a million times, he’s come back with ‘yes, it was intentional.’ And ‘he’s a punk, and he didn’t know what he was doing, and he ruined my career.’ So you know, it sucks, but you can lead a horse to water, and you can shove their face in the damn water, but you can’t make him suck it up their esophagus, so if you can tell that I’m pretty pissed off about the fact that he still harbors it. Yeah, it sucks. I truly believe that it just shows what a human being I am that I can forgive people for even accusing me of something that’s not true.”

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