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Kevin Nash Getting Into The Cannabis Business With ‘Jackknife Sativa’, Recalls Filming Grandma’s Boy

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash is getting into the cannabis business with his own line of products.

On the latest episode of Kliq This, Kevin Nash shared that he’s starting his own cannabis line with Hyman Life. Nash previously mentioned the project during a January appearance at GCW Notorious at Harpo’s Theatre in Detroit, but now shared an update about the project and joked about why he was limited to five strains.

“I actually have got a line of cannabis coming out with the Hyman group, no pun intended, in Michigan,” Kevin Nash shared. “And I was shooting a commercial Monday, and I missed my wrestling window. But I’ll tell you one thing, that fucking Jackknife fucking sativa it’s a wonderful lover. I guess I can only have five strains or five products because I only have five moves.”

Later in the show, Nash briefly discussed his scene in the movie Grandma’s Boy, which was a movie about cannabis and video games.

“A cult classic. It’s a weed, a cannabis-driven story Covert lives with his Aunt, and a video game,” Kevin Nash said. “It’s just a cult classic. I mean, it’s just one of those movies when you watch, and you’re like, wow, that’s a good movie. I got to do my scene with Rob Schneider. Rob Schneider was in my scene, so I got to — he didn’t say ‘you can do it!’ He was a f*cking Russian guy.”

You can take a look at Hyman Life and their line of products by clicking here.

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