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Report: Former WWE Talent Believe They Would Still Be With The Company If Triple H Rose To Power Sooner

Triple H‘s promotion to the head of talent and creative in WWE continues to impact the wrestling world.

After Vince McMahon retired on June 22, Triple H assumed the responsibility of running WWE creative, leading to some hope that things within the company will change.

While the future is unclear, some talent is looking back and discussing the past.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reports that conversations with a number of former WWE wrestlers offered some insight into how things could have been different had risen to power sooner. Riss Sapp cited several former NXT talent who shared their belief that, if Triple H had been in charge, they wouldn’t have been released. NXT, even when Triple H was still in charge of the brand, was subjected to multiple rounds of budget cuts in 2021. Others noted that they weren’t being used or showing substantial progress, so they were likely candidates to get released anyway.

Ross Sapp cited one former NXT talent who signed elsewhere and stated that, due to their loyalty to Triple H, “things could have been much different” if he was in charge of their creative moving forward. This source, and another talent that signed with AEW, said that while they weren’t confident about their potential future on the WWE main roster at the time, the prospect of moving to a RAW or SmackDown that was being run by Triple H likely would have encouraged them to re-sign with the company.

Meanwhile, the report cites another “top free agent” who stated that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon being in their newfound positions of power “greatly increases” the chance that they’ll eventually return. Likewise, other free agents expressed their hope that their relationships with Triple H will lead to a conversation about returning to WWE at some point.

Ross Sapp also wrote that the nearly unanimous feeling among the former WWE talent he spoke to was that Triple is better suited for his current position than Vince McMahon, though one out of almost two dozen noted that they’ll “wait and see.”

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