Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Danhausen: Bryan Danielson Sits On A Throne Of Lies, But He Has Good Blackberries

Danhausen declares that Bryan Danielson is the master of liars.

In an interview with Kevin Kellam of Sportskeeda Wrestling, “The Very Nice, Very Evil One” was discussing his success on the internet when he randomly targeted “The American Dragon.”

“Bryan Danielson keeps lying about Danhausen,” he said. “He’s lying to everybody, says Danhausen can’t do a pistol squat, and he can. You see Bryan Danielson, you tell him Danhausen’s looking for him.”

Danhausen continued by describing how Danielson has been lying about how he can’t do a pistol squat. He also noted that Danielson may be the king of liars, but he has good blackberries.

“It’s where you squat down on one leg,” he continued. “He challenged Danhausen, Danhausen did it. Now he’s lying to people. He’s a liar. Loves a good lie. King of liars. Sits at a throne of lies. But he has good blackberries. They’re delicious.”

The full interview is available here.

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