Corey Graves

Corey Graves Shares How Commentating Has Changed Under Triple H

Sometimes the WWE commentators like being surprised regarding what is going to happen on a show just like the WWE Universe. It appears under the wing of Triple H, Corey Graves is having more fun working.

Speaking on his ‘After the Bell‘ podcast, Graves went into detail about what exactly is different under the Triple H regime when it comes to the commentary table. HHH said “I love the cliffhangers, the elements of surprise, you gotta keep people guessing. Not everything needs to be a surprise, because not everything is going to captivate you in that way. But right now, in the past few weeks, I am having more fun calling RAW because I loved being surprised.”

Graves continued be reiterating that he likes to call the action from a fans perspective and not know everything that is going to happen. He said, “I prefer not to have any clue as to what’s happening on the show. I get to react, I get to be a fan, I get play the role of a super knowledgeable wrestling fan, rather than snarky bad guy announcer.”

You can listen to ‘After the Bell’ here. Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for providing transcriptions.

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