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Kevin Owens Wants To Win The Tag Team Titles With Sami Zayn: That Would Be The ‘Ultimate Good Moment’ For Us

Kevin Owens has previously stated that he’d like to win the tag team titles with Sami Zayn, and that’s still the case.

Owens and Zayn have plenty of history, dating back to their classic matches in Ring of Honor. In WWE, they have teamed up together in the past, and the two men have also clashed at WrestleMania. They’re also close friends behind the scenes, so many fans are hoping to see them reunite and create a feel-good moment.

In an interview with the TWC Show, Owens was asked whether he still wants to win the gold with Zayn. Owens made it clear that he’d love to be a tag team champion because he’s never done it in WWE, and Zayn would be at the top of the list when it comes to potential partners.

“Yeah, of course,” said Owens. “You know, I’ve never been a tag team champion. I’d love to be tag team champion with anybody really. Well, maybe not anybody, but there’s a couple guys I could see myself winning the tag tiles with, and obviously Sami’s at the top of the list. I think that would be the ultimate good moment for us, to achieve that. We’ve been tag team champions everywhere we went, except for WWE, and I feel like we definitely feel like we have to get that checked off the list soon enough.”

The host, Justin, noted that it would be great to see the duo win the titles in their homeland of Canada, and Owens agreed.

“Yeah, you’re preaching to the choir here,” said Owens. “If everything lines up, that would be pretty awesome.”

Owens recently returned to RAW and attacked Ezekiel. He faced Drew McIntyre in a hard-fought match on the August 15 episode of WWE RAW. Meanwhile, Zayn remains the “honorary Uce” in The Bloodline.

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