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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Rob Van Dam On Whether He Fits Into Wrestling Today: I Don’t Feel The Need To Adapt, I’m Still Going

Rob Van Dam is still going, over three decades after his first match, and he’s confident that there’s a place for him in a wrestling ring.

RVD has reached impressive levels of success with ECW, WWE, and TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. He is a former world champion, and he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021. He continues to wrestle, as he recently competed in Japan for NOAH.

During an interview with NBC Sports Boston, the legend was asked whether he fits into today’s wrestling world, given how much it has changed. He responded by noting that he’s still active, and he knows what he brings to the table. As for the business itself, he shared his belief that there are “flaws” with the product today, and he’d be willing to help fix them if he could.

“I don’t know,” said Van Dam. “I’m still going, and most of the shots I do are one-shots here and there, mostly overseas because of the budget of most shows and just how it works out. But one thing is, I don’t feel like I need to adapt after all the time that I’ve put into the industry. Changes that are obvious to the product now, a lot of the I don’t like. I consider them flaws, things that I would rather fix if somebody cared to listen or wanted my opinion on that. So it’s always been about you bring what you bring to the table, I bring what I bring, and let’s mesh it up and see what we get.”

RVD continued by emphasizing that every match requires compromises between the performers because no two wrestlers are the same, so some adjustment is always necessary.

“Every match is a compromise because you’re not wrestling a clone of yourself,” said RVD. “It’s two different brains, two different ideas, two different egos. So I don’t really think it would be a problem necessarily, but yeah, somebody wanted to pop right up after I hit him with a Van Daminator, they’re not gonna want to catch the next one.”

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