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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

RJ City Pitches ‘Sweet Cheek Music’ And ‘Rectum’ As Names For Toni Storm’s Hip Attack

Toni Storm might have a new name for the hip attack she often uses in her matches.

During an appearance on Hey! (EW), RJ City asked Storm about the move, and they agreed that it was more of an “ass attack.”

“Deadly hip attack,” Storm said. “It’s a full-on ass attack. It definitely is.”

When Storm noted that she doesn’t have a name for it, City pitched a few ideas, like “Sweet Cheek Music” and “Rectum”.

“May I suggest a few? I’ve got a few if you’re interested,” City said. “I could really guide the gimmick here. Sweet Cheek Music. Bummed Out. Finally, rectum.”

Storm responded positively to “Rectum” and stated that they should tell Excalibur to call it that on commentary. City then expressed his concern about the damaging impact of the move and wondered if she can switch cheeks to lessen the blow on each side.

“What I am concerned about it though is the long-term effect it has on you,” City said. “Are you okay? Are you in pain? Can you use it? Do you switch cheeks?”

Storm answered by saying that she executes the move “straight down the middle, butt crack to nose.”

Regardless of potentially choosing one of these names, Storm will challenge Thunder Rosa for the AEW Women’s World Championship at AEW All Out.

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