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Hawx Aerie: We’re Different, We Stand Out Because Of Our Work Ethic

Hawx Aerie (Luke Hawx and PJ Hawx) want to prove that they are a unique father-son pairing in the wrestling world today. But they don’t want to be limited in that context, as they also aim to show the world that they’re a great tag team.

Hawx Aerie will compete in the battle royal for the NWA USA Tag Team Championship at NWA 74. They received a last-minute opportunity at the NWA World Tag Team Championship on the first night of the event after the Commonwealth Connection were forced to vacate the gold, but La Rebelion emerged victorious. Still, they will have a chance to leave the anniversary show with some gold on Sunday night.

In an interview with WrestleZone, the duo were asked to describe how they intend to stand out in a wrestling world that has several other father-son teams. In response, Luke sated that their work ethic makes all the difference, and they also have individual skills that set them apart.

“Well, that’s easy,” Luke said. “That’s an easy question to answer in several parts, and I’ll touch on the first part of, ‘How do we plan to stand out.’ That’s our work ethic. There’s a lot of good, hard-workers, and some of these guys that are coming up, I mean look at the Mortons, right, look at Kerry and Ricky. Kerry’s a young talent that’s up and coming, and he’s doing a really good job. He’s night and day compared to what he was a couple years ago. 

“But that’s the name of the game. As we get older and we grow, we improve. But Kerry doesn’t have the amateur skills that [PJ] has. There’s no other wrestler on the scene right now that has the amateur skills that he possesses. So that’s one way we have an advantage. We’re different. None of the other ‘dads’ besides Billy Gunn look like this or move like this.”

As an example, Luke highlighted Ricky Morton, given that the legend often teams up with his son, Kerry. Luke gave Ricky credit for going hard, but he noted that the age difference between them is a factor that can’t be ignored. He emphasized his own hear and his drive, stating that you’d have to “kill” him to beat him in the ring.

“Ricky moves great for his age, but let’s not turn a blind eye to Ricky’s age,” Luke said. “Ricky goes, Ricky goes hard, but Ricky’s also, what, 20 years older than me? I don’t say that with disrespect. I’m 41 years old. I say it with respect, to see this man in the ring still going and working as hard as he does. But let’s be honest here, you out Ricky Morton and Luke Hawx in a one-on-one matchup, who you got? I’m not saying Ricky can’t beat me. I’m not saying Ricky doesn’t have more knowledge than me. He’s definitely been around longer than me. He has, as far as knowledge in wrestling goes, Ricky Morton is light years ahead of me. But as far as heart, strength, and performance go, you’re gonna have to freaking kill me. And I feel it’s the same way with [PJ].”

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