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Colby Corino Returns To NWA At NWA Crockett Cup

Colby Corino made his surprising return to the National Wrestling Alliance at NWA Crockett Cup.

Ahead of the six-man scramble match for a shot at the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship, Corino was announced as the seventh competitor. PJ Hawx, Flip Gordon, Gaagz the Gymp, Joe Alonzo, Eric Jackson, and Jarron Fulton also competed in the match.

In the end, Corino scored the win by pinning Gordon.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Kerry Morton confronted Corino after the bout.

Corino was previously a featured member of the NWA roster, but he left the company when his contract expired at the end of 2021. He reportedly signed with WWE in February, but the deal fell through, as he entered free agency again in May. Check out Corino’s comments about the situation here.

Colby Corino previously shared his thoughts on the importance of the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship during an interview with WrestleZone’s Colin Tessier. Corino said it felt like destiny and he wanted to add his name to a list of other greats that held the title before.

“Ever since it was announced, that NWA Jr. Heavyweight belt has felt like it was Colby Corino’s belt. Even though I haven’t had it yet, I just know, I feel like my destiny and that belt is intertwined, and one day I’m going to get my own. You can put this in the headlines that, ‘One day, Colby Corino will win that junior heavyweight belt.’ I’m calling my shot right now. Outside of that, I don’t know. I’m really planning for 2023 to be a huge year for me. I got a couple things in the slow cooker that I don’t want reveal yet that we’ve tasted, but I think that anyone who’s a Colby Corino fan will be excited about whatever happens for me in 2023. I’ve got a few cool things cooking up.

“That was one of the things that drew me into the NWA, was their history and how much they pay respect to the history. One of my favorite championships is the NWA Jr. Heavyweight title, and just looking at the lineage of that—Shinjiro Otani, Jushin “Thunder” Liger, it’s Dory Funk Jr., and there’s so many all-time greats. And now I have opportunities to be able to add my name to that list, and that’s a very special opportunity for me.”

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