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Finn Balor: AJ Styles Joining Judgment Day Could Be Interesting, His Heel Work Is Phenomenal

Finn Balor is namedropping people, but he does present a good idea for bringing AJ Styles into his current stable.

During an appearance on WWE Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Finn Balor spoke about Judgment Day’s evolution and how he’s clicked with Damian Priest.

“I think he’s got such a cool look. He just looks so badass, he’s a cool guy. We’re kinda of similar age, [he’s] someone who I enjoy being around, so that helps a lot too. The idea of The Judgment Day I guess all being equals is also cool, not having a leader so to speak. So yeah, I’m excited,” Balor said. “Hopefully we can get maybe some more members involved pretty soon.”

Asked who he would add to the group if it was his call, Balor pitched a few interesting names.

“I had thought of a couple people. As a guy, I love WALTER, but he’s his own thing. Tommaso Ciampa’s doing his thing with Miz, so that’s kinda off the table. Maybe AJ? We haven’t essentially fallen out, we’re just not on the same page right now. That could be interesting, I think, bringing AJ in. I think his heel — as a heel he is, pardon the pun, but phenomenal. Or we could go and find someone new and a fresh face from NXT. Given a little more time to think about it, I could have given you a better answer, I realize I’m just name-dropping people [laughs]. I’d love Brock in The Judgment Day.”

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