Bully Ray
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Bully Ray Doesn’t Like ‘Midcard’ Championships, But He’s A Big Fan Of Workhorse Titles

Bully Ray believes the “midcard” designation devalues titles.

In an interview with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, Bully Ray spoke about the perception surrounding midcard titles and how they should be elevated beyond that name.

“I don’t think a championship should ever be deemed as a mid-card championship because I think it takes away from that championship, once you say, ‘midcard.’ If the NWA wants to make a Women’s TV Championship, then that woman, whoever holds that championship, should be able to prove herself, that every time the NWA airs on TV, whether that’s on FITE or YouTube, that woman is defending her championship. She’s basically proving that she’s a workhorse within the women’s division, where week after week after week,” Bully explained, “she can defend that championship. As opposed to a world heavyweight champion that might have more storyline-driven matches, where they’re wrestling sporadically on TV but having the big match at the PPVs.”

“I’m a big fan of workhorse championships. I think the wrestling industry is littered with championships that don’t mean a damn thing. I think the WWE in the past couple of weeks have done a phenobarbital job of reminding us of what the US Championship means, reminding us of what the Intercontinental Championship means. I know what that Intercontinental Championship meant to me when I was a kid. You were a big deal if you held the IC strap. I know what that US Championship meant back in WCW. You were a big deal if you held that strap. But over the years, they’ve become watered down to nothing more than props. I know other wrestlers have used the word to describe certain championships as props, but that’s what they were.”

Bully went on to say that he feels like Triple H is breathing new life into the current set of titles in WWE, adding that the NWA’s newest title will also be represented well.

The NWA recently announced the creation of a Women’s Television Championship. Madusa, the Co-Managing Director of NWA USA, announced on the July 26 edition of NWA Powerrr that the promotion will soon be introducing the title.

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