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Jon Alba Taught Randy Orton Something About Wrestling

Randy Orton is a 20-year pro wrestling veteran and he’s still learning from one of the brightest young minds (and most punchable faces) of the business today.

The latest Wives Of Wrestling podcast saw a guest appearance from Randy Orton, who commented on co-host Alba’s recent work in Limitless Wrestling. Alba was not only put in a Rocket Launcher Doomsday Device, but he ended the night on the receiving end of a vicious Northern Lariat. Orton asked how he felt taking the bump, and Alba explained that the latter had him feeling scrambled.

“I was put in a Rocket Launcher Doomsday Device this past weekend. The trio that I managed, that was their finisher. And as wrestling tends to go full-circle, I was the recipient of it this time and it was not fun at all,” Alba explained. “The bump on the way down wasn’t too bad, but I took a Northern Lariat after that and that sucked. My brain hit the front of my cranium.

“My brain’s hitting the front of my cranium right now trying to figure out what [a Northern Lariat is],” Orton replied.

Alba explained how a Northern Lariat is executed with the opponent standing with their back to the wrestler performing the move, then had the following exchange with The Viper:

Orton: “Holy shit, Jon’s teaching me.”

Alba: “I appreciate you checking that out, Randy. The Wives enjoy when I get the shit beat out of me.”

Orton: “Yeah, I would imagine so. That’s kinda your role, getting messed with a little bit.”

Alba: “I get verbally shit on every single week here on this podcast.”

Orton: It’s very important for the people to see that, and I’m sure they enjoy it too.

During the live stream, the trio also announced the show will be going on a short hiatus. The show will return soon under a new format, and past shows can be listened to / watched on the Wives Of Wrestling YouTube and podcast channels.

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