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AEW Interim Women’s World Champion Crowned At AEW All Out

We have a new AEW interim Women’s World Champion coming out of AEW All Out.

Following the news that Thunder Rosa could not compete at All Out, a four-way match was booked featuring Toni Storm vs. Britt Baker vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Jamie Hayter. Eight minutes into the bout, Hikaru Shida was medically removed from the bout. This allowed Baker and Hayter to double team Storm until Shida returned to the ring with two kendo sticks in hand.

As the match progressed, Hayter almost had the win over Shida, but Baker pulled the ref out during the count. Storm dropped Hayter before she was tossed by Baker. Baker pinned Hayter for a nearfall. Storm then finished the match off by pinning Hayter to become the new AEW interim Women’s World Champion, her first title in three years.

Check out the full recap of the match from our live coverage page below:

AEW Interim Women’s World Championship Match: Britt Baker (with Rebel) vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter

The action quickly gets underway, as Storm takes the fight to Hayter and Shida focuses on Baker. Storm dropkicks Hayter. Shida takes control with a knee to Hayter. The competitors trade pin attempts. Hayter locks Shida in a single crab, and Baker goes for the Lockjaw, but Storm stops her. Baker drops Storm with a slingblade. Hayter gains the upper hand with a flurry of offense. She suplexes Shida and Storm. Storm and Shida are left alone in the ring, and they feel each other out. Shida kips up after a shoulder tackle, and they trade blows. Rebel gets in the ring, and the two women headbutt her. Hayter and Baker enter the ring and take control. Hayter carries Shida up the ramp, and Baker stops her. Doctors check on Shida and help her to the back. Back in the ring, Baker and Hayter gang up on Storm. She fights back and dives onto Hayter for a two count. Baker and Hayter work together to ground Storm. Shida comes back to the ring, carrying two kendo sticks, and she hits her opponents.

Shida slams Baker into Hayter. She superplexes Hayter for a two count. Storm drops Baker with a boot and gets caught with a dropkick from Hayter. The four women trade blows, and Shida wins the exchange. She gets a two count with a Falcon Arrow. Hayter floors Storm with a piledriver. Baker drops Shida with a neckbreaker and stomps her for a two count. Hayter nearly scores the win, but Baker pulls the referee out of the ring. Storm hits the Storm Zero and Baker pins Hayter for a two count. Storm pins Hayter with a DDT.

Winner and new AEW Interim Women’s World Champion: Toni Storm

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