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Claudio Castagnoli Reflects On Being A Very Mysterious Ice Cream

Claudio Castagnoli has fond memories of being a Very Mysterious Ice Cream.

Ring of Honor World Champion Claudio Castagnoli was the latest guest on AEW Unrestricted to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about being a Very Mysterious Ice Cream in Chikara, Castagnoli revealed that it only happened once.

“This is amazing because this question gets asked a lot, and I love it because I was only a Very Mysterious Ice Cream once,” Claudio Castagnoli revealed. “And for something that I did once, for it to have that long-lasting life is amazing. There was a team at Chikara called The Ice Creams, Los Ice Creams. It was Ice Cream Jr. and El Hijo del Ice Cream. One day they needed a third Ice Cream, and it was a Very Mysterious Swiss Ice Cream. And that was me. And I had a lot of fun being an Ice Cream, and I think that’s — I need to see if I still have the Los Ice Cream shirt. It was a big hit at the merch table back then. It was awesome.”

When asked if he had any input in his Ice Cream mask, Castagnoli revealed that he did not.

“No, so the Ice Cream’s mask was — one had a cone beard. And the other one had a cone that just kind of came to this side of his head,” Claudio Castagnoli said. “And I believe mine was similar; it just had a cone. I think it was not a unicorn cone but like maybe the other side of the head. Yeah, it was just a regular Ice Cream mask with a cone on it, as regular as an Ice Cream mask can be. It was made for me by Mr. Ice Cream himself. [laughs]”

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