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Report: CM Punk Involved In Backstage Altercation With The Young Bucks After Media Scrum Comments (Updated)

CM Punk’s controversial comments during the media scrum following AEW All Out reportedly ruffled some feathers and led to a backstage altercation.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reports that Punk drew a lot of heat for the comments he made during the post-show scrum. The AEW World Champion discussed his history with Colt Cabana and took shots at Hangman Page and the company’s EVPs, presumably Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. He claimed that Page went into business for himself and that the EVPs leaked info about the situation.

Sapp cited talent who indicated that Omega and the Bucks were “extremely pissed off”, with one claiming that they threatened to walk due to the comments. The report also noted that at least one of the Bucks had contacted talent outside of AEW and expressed that the rumors regarding Punk and the frustration about him were true. Sapp also wrote that it’s important to be cognizant of a potential work, though sources were “under the impression” that the situation was real.  Additionally, several other talent were reportedly said to be “very upset” with Punk’s comments.

Steven Muehlhausen of DAZN News subsequently reported that there was an “altercation” between Punk and the Bucks early on Monday morning, with the later confronting Punk about his comments. The AEW World Champion reportedly threw punches at one of the Bucks, and several people got involved in an effort to separate them.

Likewise, Bryan Alvarez reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that an altercation broke out between Punk and the Young Bucks, with Dave Meltzer describing the incident as a “melee.” It was noted that company president Tony Khan wasn’t informed about the situation until the completion of the scrum.

Update: Another report from Sapp offered more details, noting that most sources have stated that Punk’s trainer, Ace Steel, was involve. Other sources indicated that Nick Jackson got “rocked” r knocked out when Steel threw a chair at him. Steel allegedly bit Omega and grabbed his hair when they “tussled.” Overall, the situation was described as including “mayhem” and people being unwilling to work it out.

Sapp provided more information in another report. He cited sources who noted that Steel “shoot cracked Nick Jackson with a chair,” to the point that one source noted that he was lucky to not be in jail. Multiple AEW sources shared their belief that Ace Steel will not be back in the company after this incident, and that there’s a lot of heat on him.

Security got involved in the confrontation, and one source noted that people who were intervened were doing so in a situation of “them trying to save lives.”

Fightful heard from people backing both sides, with some noting that Punk stared the situation with his comments while others stated that The Elite shouldn’t have spoke to Punk when he was frustrated. That said, the majority of sources indicated that Punk should have expected them to approach him about it.

In one positive aspect of the situation, Chris Jericho was given credit for stepping up as a leader in recent weeks, with some sources noting that he was calm despite the tension during the scrum.

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